What is JMX ?

Java Management Extensions(JMX) is the standard recommended way of managing and monitoring anything with java enabled. It’s a part of core Java SE since Java 5. It is an API, an architecture and a specification or a standard. There are two main JSRs and they are JSR 3 (original JMX) and JSR 160 (Remote JMX). JMX is very lightweight and you do not need MIBs or understand SNMP or require any proprietary software and just Java SE will do those work.

What you can do with JMX

Most of the java-based devices and applications need monitoring…

To execute an application in an optimal way, Java Virtual Machine (JVM) divides the memory into two main memory spaces and they are stack memory and heap memory. There are some other memory allocations also in the JVM and they are Perm Gen, Native Memory and PC-Registers. The JVM designates memory for operations such as declaring new variables and objects, methods, declaring strings in the stack memory or in the heap space. Let’s go more specifically through these memory models.

Memory Allocation in a Java Program

Stack Memory in Java

Stack Memory in java is used for static memory allocation and the execution of a thread…

What is a Web Service

A web service is any piece of software that makes itself available over the internet and uses a standardized messaging system.

Following are the key features of a web service.

  • Service available over the web
  • Enables communication between two applications over the web
  • Provides a standard protocol/format for communication
  • Platform independent communication(can communicate between C++ over windows platform and java over linux platform)
Communication between client and a web service

Who is a client and who is a server?

  • Service Provider(Server)-Who create the web services and makes it available over the internet
  • Service Consumer(Client)-Who receives the services

To enable the communication following…

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